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WHRO Education Offers High School Classes Stipends to Map Flooding and Help Catch the King!

NORFOLK, Va. (August 2, 2018) – WHRO is offering $500.00 stipends to as many as 50 high school classes, to participate in the Flood Mapping – Building Resilience in Our Communitiies project – an initiative to map flooding on school campuses and neighborhoods – during the 2018-2019 school year. Teachers who are interested in participating can fill out the application at http://education.whro.org/kingtide/application. The final application deadline is September 15, 2018, but please don’t wait. Participants will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis and we will make participation decisions as applications are received, starting today. Stipends are available to any class in any of the public school divisions that own WHRO. Preference will be given to Title 1 schools.  For more information, please visit http://education.whro.org/kingtide/faq.

A king tide is a non-scientific term used to describe the predicted highest high-tide and lowest low-tide events of the year. Measuring these king tide events are important because they show what average water levels may look like in the future based on sea-level projections.

Last year’s Catch the King is believe to have been the world’s largest-ever king tide crowdsourcing event, with over 500 volunteers participtating. Organizers are aiming for larger turnout for this year’s Catch the King on Saturday, October 27, 2018.

Though this year’s focus will be on attracting more students, Catch the King organizers welcome all individuals and organizations to participate. Visit whro.org/kingtide or, join the facebook group and page under Catch the King Tide.

Catch the King is made possible in part by the nonprofit Wetlands Watch and by Concursive Corp., a Norfolk based tech company that developed the SeaLevelRise app used in the event. Funding for the student incentives has been provided by a grant from the Hampton Roads Community Foundation and the Batten Environmental Eduication Initiative. The science liaison is Dr. Derek Loftis, an assistant research scientist at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and the volunteer coordinator is Qaren Jacklich.


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