From the CEO

April 22 is Earth Day, and 2020 is the 50th year that our nation has celebrated this day created to increase awareness of environmental issues and bring about changes to protect the earth. At WHRO Public Media, we think every day is a good day to celebrate this great planet and educate others on ways we can all help protect our environment.

The name of March comes from Martius, which was the first month of the earliest Roman calendar. Some cultures and religions still celebrate the start of the new year on March 1. It is also the month that ushers in spring—even if the weather doesn’t always play along. For your public media station, March is a busy month filled with exciting events and programs.

I can’t believe it is already February, and Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away. So, since this is my space, I’ll take up a little of it to tell my favorite Valentine, my wife Missy, how much I love her. We met 17 years ago when I first moved to Virginia, and I was able to convince her to join me in my move to Hampton Roads almost 13 years ago. It’s been a wild and wonderful ride, and you make my life better every day! I love you. XOXO (And so do the cats!)

I love the start of a new year! It brings excitement and a time of new beginnings. It is certainly an exciting time here at WHRO Public Media as we air new programs and plan new events.

I can’t believe how 2019 has flown by! It’s been an exciting year for your local public media station. On WHRO TV 15, we’ve seen the release of riveting and informative documentaries including Chasing the Moon—accompanied by a collection of moon-landing memories from our audience members, Ken Burns’ Country Music, City Voices about the Norfolk Street Choir, and more.