From the CEO

Growing up in upstate New York, December always meant snow, cold, more snow, and more cold. And then some more snow. It also meant having a nice break from school and more time with my family.

Fall brings many good things with it—cooler temperatures, football, fall festivals, and a time of Thanksgiving when we can reflect on the people in our lives who are important to us.

October is a great time of the year as temperatures begin to cool and kids have been back in school long enough to settle into a routine of reading assignments and homework.

As we say goodbye to another hot summer, we say hello to schools getting in full swing, traffic switching from tourists to locals, and the sun setting a little earlier each day. As darkness falls earlier every day, more people seem to head inside and spend more time in front of their televisions.

Whether it’s rising seas or the management of natural resources, today’s children are going to face new environmental challenges at some point during their lives. The best way to help them become informed and active community stewards is through education starting at an early age. For the last year, WHRO has been incorporating environmental education into the services we provide to schools and to our local community through the Batten Environmental Education Initiative.