WHRO Public Media is looking for a few good volunteers who care about
Hampton Roads to join our Community Advisory Board.

The CAB is a group of concerned and involved citizens meeting four times a year with WHRO management, journalists, and program producers to share information
about the community to support the station in providing quality and responsive broadcasting services.

Please complete by May 31, 2022. Applications will be reviewed and applicants will be contacted by July 14, 2022.

*All fields required.

WHRO Public Media's Community Advisory Board is committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and ensuring the board reflects the diversity of the population of Hampton Roads. If you are comfortable, please choose the category below that best describes your race/ethnicity. This question is NOT required.


Once acceptance of a position as a member of the Community Advisory Board, the member agrees to:

  1. In-person attendance is important to serve the purpose of CAB. Members are required to attend at least three out of four CAB meetings
    1. If unable to attend in person, members may attend one virtual meeting annually. WHRO will provide access as needed.
    2. If a conflict arises that prohibits attendance, contact the Board Chair and the station liaison. In the case of emergencies, a meeting excusal may be considered.
  2. An expected 6 – 8 hours (minimum) of commitment is required towards the CAB meetings. The board members are encouraged to spend additional 8 – 12 hours (minimum) in any other form such as participating in committee activities, station events, and/or pledge drives.
  3. Serve on at least one committee and actively participate in the accomplishment of committee objectives.
  4. Actively promote and participate in at least two WHRO events (Answer phones for pledges, attend a WHRO community event, volunteer for a WHRO community event, etc…)
  5. Help WHRO learn more about the depth and breadth of important events that take place in its community of service and about the diversity of organizations and people who are making significant contributions to life in the community.
  6. Act in WHRO/WHRV’s best interest and excuse themselves from discussions in which the member may appear to have a conflict of interest.
  7. Stay informed about what is going on at WHRO/WHRV: ask questions and request information and participate in and take responsibility for matters concerning the CAB and its work in support of the station.
  8. Serve as an ambassador to support community awareness of WHRO/WHRV’s work and to represent WHRO/WHRV in a positive and supportive manner.
  9. Speak knowledgeably about the station’s programs and goals, educating those in their circles of influence. Extend thanks to those who support the station.
  10. Identify individuals who meet Board membership criteria and recommend them when applications become open.
  11. Discuss the issues and business placed on the agenda for scheduled meetings. Channel ideas to the Board Chair, station liaison, or the appropriate committee of the Board, and follow up as necessary.