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Long known for its public service mission, WHRO is the only public broadcasting station in the United States that is owned by a collaboration of 19 local public school districts. Through WHRO TV, WHRO FM, WHRV FM, its web site, and educational content delivered online to more than 286,000 students and 25,000 teachers, WHRO enriches the lives of the people of Eastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina every day.

WHRO delivers most of its educational content online.Since its founding in 1961, the ownership has established educational programming and services as WHRO's core mission. As a leader in utilizing emerging technologies, today WHRO delivers most of its educational content through the Internet. WHRO's leading edge instructional resources include the Hampton Roads Virtual Learning Center, eMediaVA, Virtual Virginia Advanced Placement School, and on-demand digital media. Virginia's PBS TEACHERLINE, COMMUNITY OF ANYTIME KNOWLEDGE, and local video productions such as NET FILES, SCHOOL TALK MONTHLY, and TEACHING NOW! are just a few examples of programs that directly assist classroom teachers.

WHRO is an essential layer in the educational, civic and cultural fabric of our community. Since its founding more than fifty years ago, WHRO has been committed to excellence in public media. Today, WHRO's consumer base resides throughout Eastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina.