From the CEO - July 2015

June and school graduations are always a special time at WHRO. Regular readers of this column know that WHRO is owned by nineteen K-12 school divisions across southeastern Virginia. We work closely all year long with schools and students throughout the area providing online courses, teacher training and digital educational content. So to all of this year’s graduating students and their families, congratulations from all of us at WHRO.

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From the CEO - April 2015

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of our veterans. I am pleased that WHRO will be able to bring to you a special feature, The Last Days of Vietnam, on Tuesday, April 28. A documentary on the heroic efforts of our American troops, the film presents a critical part of the war’s history, with interviews and film footage never shown before.

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From the CEO - March 2015

Every documentary that Ken Burns has produced has been among our most-watched programs on WHRO. This month we are bringing to you another special program produced by Burns, Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies. This in-depth look at the disease, and the tremendous advances that continue to be made, gives us more hope than ever that scientific advances will make it possible for us to overcome it. Don’t miss this important 3-part series beginning March 30.

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From the CEO - February 2015

Have you ever reflected on your education or career and wondered if you had made different choices how your life might have changed? If you are a regular reader of this column, you know that I have a daughter, Jillian, who is now a senior in high school, and son, Bertel, in the 10th grade.  This is an exciting time, and also a bit stressful, as my daughter decides which college she will attend next year.  As many parents know, there’s sticker shock when you start looking at the costs of college. But just as concerning for both my daughter and her parents is that she selects a school that will be a good fit for her and prepare her for a career. 

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From the CEO - January 2015

One look at this month’s cover and you know that January brings us the newest season of Downton Abbey. The highest-rated drama in the history of PBS, Downton Abbey has been at the center of a significant change in our viewership. While we’re always happy to have good ratings, you know that we care more about meeting the needs of our viewers and listeners than simply competing for the most eyes and ears.

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