From the CEO - September 2014

September brings the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year for many of our families.  Did you know that WHRO is in fact owned by the 19 public school districts of southeastern Virginia? Preparing for school to start, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with seven new school superintendents in Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Franklin, Northampton, Accomack, Gloucester and York County.  WHRO was originally founded to support public schools across our region, and today we provide a vast collection of online content that teachers incorporate in their lesson plans, as well as other educational products and services. 

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From the CEO - August 2014

Forty years ago this month, something happened that had never happened before, and hasn’t happened since: a sitting United States President resigned from office.  On August 9th, Richard Nixon came on televisions across America and gave his 37th address to the nation, describing how he had come to the decision that led to these words:

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From the CEO - July 2014

The calendar may say July, but here at WHRO, we’re already thinking about the Fall.  That’s due in large part because several members of the staff and I recently returned from the PBS Annual Meeting, where we learned about some of the exciting programs that are in the pipeline in the months ahead.

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From the CEO - June 2014

One of my favorite pastimes is watching historical documentaries.  As I was writing this column, I remembered a quote from the American Experience documentary about Woodrow Wilson.  He famously said, “If you want to make enemies, try to change something.”  That seemed appropriate for this topic.

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From the CEO - May 2014

It could be easy to think of radio and television programs as merely two-dimensional experiences: for the most part, the audience is passive, listening or watching, but not actively participating (noteworthy exceptions, of course, being our weekday call-in shows, HearSay with Cathy Lewis and Another View with Barbara Hamm Lee.)

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